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Jean Shrimpton

Jean Shripton


Clinic Hours include:
Wednesdays 2pm-8pm

Please ring to arrange an appointment as appointments are subject to practitioner availability

Booking: +44 0207 374 6181

Jean is a fully qualified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist fully accredited qualified registered member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Specialising in the theory ‘Attachment Based’ therapy, Jean successfully completed a four year post graduated degree in 2009. She has over ten years of experience practicing within London and holds clinics at the Bowlby Centre where she previously trained.

The ‘attachment based’ training in which Jean specialises within her role as a Psychotherapist- focuses on the attachments people make early in life, and how these relationships influence individuals as they mature and develop. The ‘Psychoanalytic’ part of training relates to the subconscious deep patterns people repeat and how they get stuck in a lifestyle, relationship or behaviours which can cause frustrating repetitions.

The developing relationship with a psychotherapist gives you the opportunity to explore the impact of past and current relationships in your life and allows insight with which you can start to make positive changes. During the ‘talk treatment’ sessions clients can also start to explore all of their fears and find ways of understanding and coping with them. Talking treatment with a compatible therapist, helps the client to feel more secure and in control of their lives. Clients can also explore past and present issues across all religions and cultures.

The talk treatment sessions provide an environment where clients can feel safe to discuss a broad spectrum of difficulties to include: work place stress, addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and feelings of despair. By providing a secure and confidential setting, the aim is to enable people to share experiences and feelings that they may not have been able to talk about before.  Sharing experiences in a setting which is non-judgmental, and having someone who helps to understand any difficulties and behaviour, can alleviate the pain and stress which is often held onto for many years.

Jean aims to provide the very best levels of professionalism, empathy and kindness, along with a passion to help adult or adolescent individuals and couples.

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