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Lucy Fay

Reiki Master

Lucy Fay

Clinic Hours include:
by appointment

Please ring to arrange an appointment as appointments are subject to practitioner availability

Booking: +44 0207 374 6181

Lucy is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher. She is registered with the UK Reiki Federation and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council ( CNHC ). Her sessions are discreet, bespoke and professional.

Reiki is a Japanese system for self development and healing. It is a dynamic complement to any healing pilgrimage, well-being practice and spiritual pursuit.

During a session the body’s own ability to heal itself is promoted. Most clients fall asleep and wake feeling lighter, refreshed, balanced and rejuvenated. Oftentimes profound insight and clarity of mind occurs. The experience of Reiki is time and again described as deeply peaceful and blissfully relaxing.

Regularly receiving Reiki creates a more peaceful state of being, the Reiki state of being; client’s regularly express the following ongoing benefits:

  • an enhanced ability to respond to everyday challenges
  • a greater sense of purpose, contentment and fulfilment
  • a new willingness and sense of courage to address issues otherwise ignored
  • relief from difficult emotions, i.e stress, anxiety, insomnia, sorrow, disconnect
  • a sense of support during lifestyle changes and transitions
  • a deep cleansing and detoxification of toxic emotional, mental or physical blocks

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