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Lower Ground Floor,
Building 2,
London Wall Buildings
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Octavia Bell- Reiki Practitioner

Octavia Bell

Reiki Practitioner

Octavia Bell- Reiki Practitioner

Clinic Hours include:
Mon – Friday 2.30pm-8pm

Please ring to arrange an appointment as appointments are subject to practitioner availability

Booking: +44 0207 374 6181

Octavia is a Reiki practitioner, meditation teacher and a keen advocate of wellness as a way of life.

She first discovered an Eastern approach to healing after recovering from an operation back in 2015, and hasn’t looked back since hearing the words “Chakra” and “subtle energy”.

Her healing journey has taken her on an exploration of what it means to feel balanced and healthy, and she is an advocate of a holistic, Eastern approach to wellness that fits snugly alongside Western medicine.

Octavia previously worked as a business journalist and understands how important it is to feel able to meet the demands of a busy city life.

For more information, including details on recent clinical studies in to the effectiveness of Reiki, check out Octavia’s website at:

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