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Robert Griffiths – Chiropractor

Robert Griffiths – Chiropractor

Robert Griffiths Chiropractor

BSc (Hons) D.C (Doctor of Chiropractic) Chiropractor and Rehab Specialist GCC No.02794

Clinic Hours include:
Tue – 8am-2pm
Thu – 8am-3pm
Fri – 3pm-7pm

Booking: +44 0207 374 6181

Robert Griffiths Chiropractor “I understand how painful and frustrating injuries can be. So fast pain relief is always my first priority, then I teach you simple exercises to keep you pain free.”

He has been successfully treating in The City and Kensington for 13 years. His unique modern approach achieves fast and lasting results by addressing the underlying cause of your pain.

He has treated Olympic athletes, Tour de France cyclists, international rugby players, champion racing drivers, professional opera singers, RPO concert musicians, Glastonbury headliners, royalty, celebrity artists and one international frisbee player (it’s serious stuff these days)!

Bob absolutely loves his job, but outside of work he loves a good challenge! He has climbed an 5897m active volcano in Ecuador, jumped solo out of a plane from 5000ft and has taught English to Buddhist monks in Cambodia.

What His Patients Say:

Many thanks to Robert Griffiths: He relieved me from years of chronic pain when I was running. What distinguished him from previous clinicians I had seen before was:
A) The time he took to answer all my questions (thank you for the patience!)
B) The quality of treatment and advice (the problem is now fixed)
C) His superb knowledge which allowed him to get to the root of the problem.
Thank you also very much for the training advice – I’m still working hard on my exercises! I can honestly recommend him to everyone!

Treatment Techniques

Medical acupuncture (Dry needling), Neuro-Muscular Re-educationTM (NMR), Active Release TechniqueTM (ART), joint manipulation/adjustments, joint mobilisation, myofascial stretching, orthotics, joint strapping/taping, ultrasound, core stability rehab, corrective exercise training, proprioceptive feedback training, video analysis feedback, weight loss planning and exercise advice.

Special Thanks

Professor Stuart McGill: For teaching me the secrets to fixing elite athlete’s back pain permanently.
Dr Michael Durtnall: For selecting me to work at London’s prestigious Sayer Clinics for six years, which introduced me to my amazing list of high profile athletes and performers. Plus for generously sharing his incredible knowledge about back pain, neck pain and coccyx pain.
Dr John Reynolds: For showing me how to produce incredible results using medical acupuncture.


Registered with Bupa, Pru Health, WPA, Van Breda, Standard Life, Simply Health, Cigna, Aviva, Groupama and most other high quality international insurance companies.

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